40 Winks - A New Nintendo 64 Game

Created by Piko Interactive

40 Winks is a Nintendo 64 platformer that was cancelled back in 1998 by publisher GT Interactive. Now is ready to release officially!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

New Update!
4 days ago – Fri, May 17, 2019 at 07:36:24 PM

Hey Guys just to let everyone know that as of today everything pending has been shipped out! Everyone that filed their survey should have their package or it on its way.

At this time we'd like to take care of everyone that may have had a missing item or something along the lines.

You may have already inquired about it, but please remind us what is missing etc.

Thanks again for supporting this campaign and Keep on retro gaming!

Update Video - Future of Piko, Retro Magazine, The Pushes and more
about 2 months ago – Thu, Apr 04, 2019 at 01:46:47 AM

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Project Update and Shout out to Ourselves!
3 months ago – Thu, Mar 07, 2019 at 01:01:22 AM

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone is doing great! Just wanted to let everybody know that there is only 119 pending rewards to send and seems to be all the ones that are waiting for the plushes. Hopefully we'll get them ASAP. To be quite honest, the previous factory just stopper reporting, so yeah they kept $2500 USD and disappeared. Luckily I think we found another individual closer to the border that will be able to help us to finish off those extra 120 or so plushes.

Thank you for being so patient, we really love you guys.

I wanted to also give you some other news! 

We are releasing 12 new RETRO Games for consoles like SNES, NES, Genesis, GBA and Atari Jaguar! We will open them for a short pre-order period until April 15 2019.

Since I got a baby girl on the way, I am trying to move the office closer to the area where I live. I have placed a deposit on a location that will allow us to have a small store front or area for visitors to schedule an order pick up and even buy regular video game products that we have accumulated over the years (LOTS OF FACTORY SEALED GAMES! EVEN FOR N64!)

We have already the pcbs, cart shells, boxes, manuals etc for these games So the pre-order period is so we can test the new place for asbestos (results in on Friday) if all good, remodel it and move everything. 

Please support our releases and refer a friend or post in social media! Here is the original announcement!

If you like to play retro games in their original format, we have the best news for you! Piko Interactive has prepared 12 different titles for consoles like NES, SNES, Genesis, Jaguar, GBA and Nintendo 64! All the games produced in high quality cartridges with box and manual like back in the 90s! There are different gameplay genres available, from Turn Based RPGs, To Beat’em up, Platformers, Shooters and Puzzles!

We have 12 new games on our store ready for pre-order! Pre-orders will start shipping on April 15 2019! Only 40 day pre-order! $5 price hike will apply on and after April 15 2019! Take your chance now and get them at DISCOUNT!

Pre-Order HERE!

Here are the list of titles available for sale:

40 Winks – Nintendo 64
Gourmet Squad – Super Nintendo
Tinhead – Super Nintedo
Little Lancelot – NES
Pyramids of Ra – NES
Exploding Fist – NES
Impossamole – Atari Jaguar
Head Over Heels – Atari Jaguar
Canon: Legends of The New Gods – Genesis
Switchblade – Genesis
Thunderbolt II – Genesis
Custodian – GBA

 Games come with box, instruction manual and game cartridge!

ATTENTION! Update only for Pending shipments - Mostly International Shipments
3 months ago – Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 02:00:48 AM

Hello Guys,

Hope you guys are doing good. This update is ONLY for people that have shipments pending and have not been sent off. There is about 165-170 shipments left to do.

About 157 of those are international shipments outside of US, MX and Canada.

We have some mixed news for you... We ran out of plush toys. The factory owner finally started responding to us again, and he said that he lost a lot of employees and ran out of money. The plush toys left to do are almost done, but need the filling and the last stitching and he said he is looking for someone to finish them. But we have no clear timeline of when this is going to happen. Rather than keep you waiting, we have come up with a solution.

So we will give you 3 final options for you to pick, PLEASE ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS your decision.

Option 1- You will get $7 Refund to your paypal account for not receiving the Plush toy.

Option 2- You will get a free copy of RETRO Magazine Issue 13, AND the RETRO Magazine special book with 200 pages of retro content.

Option 3- We ship your reward until the plush toys arrive.

Those are the only things we can offer, and I hope you guys understand, as we were sort of scammed by this company and really messed up the fulfillment of this campaign. If it was not because of this, we would have fulfilled no later than October.

Picking one of those options will ensure your Reward will be sent in the next 5-7 days.

To see if you are in this group of backers, go to your backerkit survey, it must be marked as shipped/fulfilled, also look for a section called special notes, in that area there should be a tracking number if it has shipped, nothing if it has not shipped. If you don't see this section or there is nothing in this section, it means that yours have not been shipped and we need you to answer.

The rest 10-15  backers are backers that we have not shipped because their address if not being picked up by the USPS, or there is some kind of problem with their Address or the way they wrote them. We will contact you individually and will sort it out.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.


Happy 2019!
5 months ago – Thu, Jan 03, 2019 at 01:26:50 AM

Hello Backers!

We want to wish you a Happy 2019 from the Piko Interactive Team! We wish for you to have the most success and health for this coming year!

We'd like to just give out a quick update in regards of the games, they are all have been shipping none stop each day. We check everything is up to quality, assemble and ship out. So everybody should start receiving their games. I want to thank everybody for being so patient. You all should have your reward soon. Sorry we take all this extra time but we just want to make sure we make the least mistakes possible and everything is sent out with the upmost care.

We are disappointed in Backerkit as the main feature we wanted to use which is tracking number notification is not really what they had pitched to us. For the system to update you with your tracking we have to go through their shipping system and buy postage from them, which is a lot more expensive than going through our own account. So we have to add the tracking number on your backerkit public notes (doesn't send you an email). You will be able to find tracking there. We are currently assembling and shipping US/CAN/MX Special edition rewards. After done we'll start European shipments.

Thanks again!

Piko Interactive Team.